What Home Buyers Often Fail to Notice About a Home

Thursday Nov 21st, 2019


The process of buying a home can be overwhelming, especially for first time home buyers. Certain aspects such as paperwork, neighbourhood research and financing can distract you from catching other important items when assessing a home. A tip to keep yourself on track and not get distracted when house touring is to create a “home buying checklist”. The following are some points that buyers often fail to notice about a home which can be beneficial to add to your checklist.


Storage Space

First on the list is storage space. Not having enough storage space in the house often leads to buyer’s remorse later on and might end up costing you the rent of a storage unit. Take a good look at your current situation and how many items you have stored before looking at homes. Consider bedroom storage and check the closets. Is there enough room for your clothes to be stored? Is there adequate space in the closet or room to add shelves? Another area would be the kitchen in which sufficient storage is a must. Are there enough cabinets and cupboards and a pantry to store food items?





The basement is usually one of the last few stops buyers make during a house tour. Consider making it your first stop, as there are a few things to take into consideration. If it is an unfinished basement, then it is a good idea to imagine how you want to design or use that space. Also, it is highly recommended to hire a professional inspector to take a look at the basement. Ask yourself, are there enough windows? Is the ceiling high enough? Is there leakage from any of the pipes? Keep in mind that the majority of potential problems could occur in the basement caused by the furnace, electrical wires and the foundation of the house.





Neighbourhood and Outside Noise

Usually the focus is on the home itself and the physical aspects of it, that it can be easy to overlook its surrounding area. It is critical to be aware of the area around it so that you are familiar with the noise levels of the neighbourhood. With that said, step into the back or front yard and take a moment to listen. Is there a busy road or a railroad track nearby? Are there a lot of airplanes passing by? What about construction noises? These are just some of the factors that can have a negative impact on the quality of life and are easily overlooked during the excitement of buying. So, take a few moments to observe or even ask the neighbours about their experience.


Exterior Lighting

Lastly, exterior lighting. It is often missed when house touring during the day, as the lights might not be as noticeable. Therefore, driving by the house at night is a good way check them out. This is important to consider for multiple reasons. Exterior lighting gives a home a lot of curb appeal, making it stand out from others on the block. It also helps illuminate a well-maintained lawn and can brighten up the entire property. Aesthetics aside, exterior lighting also serves as an added safety feature for your home. 

What are are some of the things you ensure you check when touring a house? Let us know in the comments below.

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