Professionalism in the Real Estate Industry

Thursday Apr 18th, 2019


If you’re a client dealing with a Real Estate agent, it’s critical that you understand the confidentiality that comes with the role of a realtor. Just like you trust your lawyer or your doctor with valuable, sensitive and highly personal information, the same level of trust should be given to your realtor. Once you have established a relationship with your agent, you should have no fear in disclosing any relevant personal information to the person that’s helping you buy or sell your home.

There are No Shades of Grey in Real Estate

There are a set of rules and regulations put in place to protect the client, and realtors are expected to practice transparency and put the interest of their clients above all else. Toronto Realtors are obliged to abide by ethical duties at a provincial and federal level; some of these obligations include:

  1. Preserving confidential information – Your trusted realtor is like a vault. Don’t be afraid to fill them in on any details that may help with your transaction. “Confidential information” means any info on the client that is not public knowledge, including the client’s financial or personal condition.
  2. Being competent – Your realtor must have the knowledge, experience and skills to be trusted with such a valuable deal.
  3. Being honest – Your realtor must disclose if there are any conflicting interests, or any realities you must know about the property that would be applicable to your decision in buying or selling.
  4. Putting your interest above everything else – Aside from the law, your realtor is expected to be 100% loyal to you and aid in promoting your welfare at all times and disclose any conflicts to you, definite or perceived.

Get to Know Your Realtor

It’s essential that you feel comfortable with the realtor you’re working with. That said, it’s vital that you do your research on the realtor prior to establishing a work relationship. We don’t doubt that all realtors abide by their code of ethics, however, it’s important to explore your options in order to create an effective working relationship that feels right for you.

There are countless sincere agents working in the industry who take great pride in their craft. Hire one you trust that holds the knowledge and expertise that you require to close the deal –you’ll both be happy in the end!


Maher Traboulsi is a highly trusted Real Estate broker with years of experience in the industry. He holds great relationships with his clients, way past buying and selling their properties.

Thinking of buying or selling? Contact Maher today for more information.

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