Prevent Water Damage From Melting Snow

Tuesday Mar 12th, 2019


With all the rainfall we have had recently and rising temperatures causing snow to melt, we want you to be prepared for conceivable water damage to your home. We urge you to be extra alert in the coming weeks and follow these precautions to minimize or all together avoid any property damage:

  • Shovel snow away from the walls.
  • Protect important possessions in the event of a flood by keeping them on a higher level.
  • If water managed to make its way inside your property, dry the affected areas as soon as it is safe to do so to steer clear mold growth.
  • Maintain your sump pit drainage system and backwater valve on a regular basis.
  • Keep melting snow flowing away from the house by consistently clearing areas surrounding exhaust vents and downspouts.
  • Contact a qualified technician to inspect your electrical panel if it becomes submerged to avoid risk of electrical shock or fire.
  • Do not use any appliances until electrical components have been thoroughly inspected. Coming in contact with appliances that have been exposed to water may cause shock or fire when turned on if they have not been rigorously cleaned and dried. Be sure to call a professional technician and do not attempt to do it yourself to avoid risk of injury.

If you did incur any damage to your home, be sure to take pictures and contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

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