Post Home Closing Issues for Buyers to Be Aware of

Friday Feb 21st, 2020


You signed your final documents and you’re ready to move into your new home. However, once you move in, you may notice a few issues around the house that catch you off guard. This month’s blog post will discuss four main issues that can sometimes occur post home closing that you should be aware of. But don’t be alarmed, these issues can be solved in a few easy steps! Missing Fixtures Generally speaking, a fixture is something that is attached to the land... [read more]

What Home Buyers Often Fail to Notice About a Home

Thursday Nov 21st, 2019


The process of buying a home can be overwhelming, especially for first time home buyers. Certain aspects such as paperwork, neighbourhood research and financing can distract you from catching other important items when assessing a home. A tip to keep yourself on track and not get distracted when house touring is to create a “home buying checklist”. The following are some points that buyers often fail to notice about a home which can be beneficial to add to your... [read more]