Post Home Closing Issues for Buyers to Be Aware of

Friday Feb 21st, 2020


You signed your final documents and you’re ready to move into your new home. However, once you move in, you may notice a few issues around the house that catch you off guard. This month’s blog post will discuss four main issues that can sometimes occur post home closing that you should be aware of. But don’t be alarmed, these issues can be solved in a few easy steps! Missing Fixtures Generally speaking, a fixture is something that is attached to the land... [read more]

Foreclosure v.s. Power of Sale

Tuesday Dec 27th, 2016


In the unfortunate circumstance that a homeowner is past-due on their monthly mortgage payments, they pave the way for a “foreclosure” on their property. In today’s market, banks and other lenders do not turn to foreclosure to take away the homes of homeowners who are in arrears. Instead, they perform a "Power of Sale" which is wholly different from a Foreclosure. What is a Foreclosure? Foreclosures are laborious, grueling, and costly to both the... [read more]

Tips for Prospective Buyers and Sellers That Hold True No Matter What

Friday Sep 20th, 2019


No one can deny that buying or selling a home is a huge decision – one of the biggest of your life. If you’re a buyer, choosing the right house in the right location and at the right price can help you live your best life. If you’re selling, how you prep your home for sale can be a huge factor in maximizing profit potential. There are many hidden tips and tricks that every home buyer or seller should know to help ease the process. Here are some of our top tips, we hope they... [read more]